Liberate Public Schools
from Government by Lawsuit  /  Phase Eight
The Struggle Continues Countrywide
to End Race-Based Assignments
in Public Schools
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Upon completion of my representation, I settled my request for attorney fees with the District. This enabled me to proceed with three pending projects; first, to publish Busing —Not Integration— Opposed: Invoke Our Color Blind Constitution to End It; second, to set up the Enstrom Foundation; and third, to publish this Sequel to Busing — Opposed. These projects are designed to make my experience available to those struggling to end race-based affirmative action in public schools arising from hundred of lawsuits throughout the country.

Busing — Opposed, and this Sequel present to adversely-affected persons a “Reasoned Opposition to Race-Based Affirmative Action in Public Schools.” The Enstrom Foundation presents to all interested persons that type of constitutional opposition, responding especially to the call for a dialogue on the subject of race by the President of the United States.

I started work on Busing — Opposed after the difficulty I had found in obtaining a hearing of the constitutional objections of those most affected by a grievous form of race-based student assignment, known as “forced” busing. Busing opponents have faced difficulty in being recognized in the legal press, by academia, and by the judiciary in class actions, as illustrated in the following chapters of Busing — Opposed.

Chapter One, entitled “Busing Dissenters Told They Can Run, But Can't Hide,” as an example, relates the rejection of the author's essay, “Court Busing-Orders Increasingly are Infringing Upon Our Liberty,” by the California State Bar Journal. It was submitted in August 1978, and considered meritorious by some on the editorial board as evidenced by its Next

Carlin Carlin v. Board of Education, San Diego Unified School District,
San Diego Superior Court No. 303800 (1967-1998)
San Diego, California
Enstrom: pro bono counsel, 1979-1998
Carlin Board of Education v. Superior Court, 61 Cal.App.4th 411 (Feb.1998)
[conclusion of Carlin v. Board of Education]
San Diego, California
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Liberate Public Schools
from Government by Lawsuit

A Long Pro Bono Struggle
Against Racially Balancing Public School Students
in a Thirty-Year Lawsuit
by Elmer Enstrom, Jr.
A chronological presentation of the 30-year Carlin affirmative action lawsuit:
a legal battle to reassert the "separation of powers" concept
of a republican form of government embodied in our Constitution.
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