Kimberly's Protest to the Board of Education,
San Diego City Schools — 1982
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Good afternoon President [ — ] and members of the board,

My name is Kimberly [ — ]. I live in University City. I attend Marcy Elementary and I am in the 6th grade. Math and Reading are my best subjects but I love drama the best. I have been in a few plays at my school but I wish to be in more plays. I found out there is a special school called the School of Creative and Performing Arts. My mom sent in an application to ask if I could go but they said "No." Then my mom sent another application to Gompers and they also said "No, I can not go." They said I couldn't go because I am not the right color, I don't live in the right neighborhood, and I would hurt the racial balance. I think that this is not fair because God made children the same, so we should be treated the same. We should Not be treated according to our skin color, or where we live, or what Ethnic group we are. Why do you treat children according to their skin color, or where they live, or what Ethnic group they are. I don't understand why you are treating children like this?


Kimberly [ — ]




Intervenors' Exhibit 35
Carlin v. Board of Education
July 26, 1982

Attachment 2
to Enstrom's Presentation to the Board of Education,
San Diego City Schools, November 1999.

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Carlin Carlin v. Board of Education, San Diego Superior Court, No. 303800 (1967-1998)
San Diego, California
Enstrom: pro bono counsel, 1979-1998
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